Probation Violation, Libby Lane, Coos Bay, Nov. 21

CCSO release – Date/Time: November 20th, 2023, around 11:13 pm; Case #: 202300033699; Classification: Probation Violation; Location: Libby Lane, Coos Bay; Suspect(s): Robert Nielson (60); Summary: Dispute over a Pet Leads to Man Being Arrested for a Probation Violation. On November 20th, 2023, around 11:13 pm, Coos County Dispatch received a call due to a dispute over the custody of a pet on Libby Lane in Coos Bay. Sergeant A. Slater responded to the area and contacted the involved parties. Upon conducting a thorough investigation, Sergeant Slater was informed by Dispatch that one of the individuals involved, Robert Nielson (60), had an outstanding Detainer by his Coos County Probation Officer. Mr. Nielson had been in non-compliance with his Supervision which would lead to his arrest. Sergeant Slater placed Mr. Nielson into custody at the request of the Probation Officer and transported him to the Coos County Jail where he remains in custody pending further action by his Probation Officer. Supervised Probation is a program designed to ensure the compliance and rehabilitation of individuals who have committed various offenses, including domestic violence and felonies. Under this program, individuals are required to adhere to both standard conditions set by the State of Oregon and any additional special conditions imposed by their Supervising Officer. When individuals violate these conditions, it is routine for them to be placed into the custody of the Sheriff and housed at the Coos County Jail. The duration of their incarceration is determined by their Supervising Officer, taking into account the severity of the violation. However, due to the limited capacity of our facility, some Probation offenders may be emergency released to make room for more violent offenders. We would like to express our appreciation to our valued partners at the Coos County Adult Community Corrections Office for their continued support and collaboration in ensuring public safety and the enforcement of supervising conditions.

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