Don’t forget your flu shot!, Oct. 6

OHA release – Now is the perfect time for people of all ages to get their annual flu shot. Along with COVID-19 vaccines, the flu shot can help protect you from severe illness throughout the flu season. In Oregon, the flu season generally runs from October through April. As many as 41 million people in the United States get sick from the flu each season. Being vaccinated will help you not miss out on special events or fun times with family and friends. “A thousand people were hospitalized with flu in just the Portland area last season,” said Dr. Paul Cieslak, OHA senior health advisor and medical director, Communicable Diseases and Immunizations program. “But even if the flu doesn’t hospitalize you, it can make you miserable for a week, so it’s worth preventing.” To find a flu vaccine near you, use the search tool. To stay informed of flu activity in Oregon, subscribe to OHA’s weekly Flu Bites newsletter, which publishes throughout the flu season.

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