Comprehensive Technical Rescue Training, July 1

NBFD release – North Bend Fire & Rescue organized a week-long technical rescue training with local fire teams, enhancing advanced rope rescue skills. North Bend Fire & Rescue recently organized a week-long Comprehensive Technical Rescue Training in collaboration with local fire service teams. The intensive course aimed to provide advanced rope rescue skills to enhance the capabilities of local firefighters using the latest technology available in the region. The training took place at multiple locations, including the North Bend Fire Station, North Bend Middle School, the new training tower at Southwestern Oregon Community College, and the Shore Acres bluffs. Firefighters from North Bend, Coos Bay, Charleston, and North Bay participated in the event. “This training was invaluable for our team,” said North Bend Fire & Rescue Fire Chief Jim Brown. “Our goal was to ensure that our local fire service personnel are equipped with the most advanced skills and technology to perform complex rescues efficiently and safely.” The event was captured on video by Steve Ryan from BlueSky Digital Studios, showcasing the rigorous and detailed training process. The video is available for viewing at

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