Boaters Reminded of Duties After an Incident, July 1

The Oregon State Marine Board wants to remind boaters that it’s state law to help and render aid in cases where another boat is swamped, capsizes or is involved in another incident with property damage or personal injury. It’s also about being a “good neighbor” on the water. Failure to fulfill the duties of the boat operator (ORS 830.475) could result in a Class A misdemeanor citation. In cases where the boat operator leaves the scene of a boat accident where there is personal injury or death, the boater may be charged with a Class C felony. “Boaters need to pay close attention to other people recreating on the water around them, and in many cases, everyday boaters become heroes when others go overboard, helping avert further tragedy,” said Brian Paulsen, Boating Safety Program Manager for the Marine Board. Oregon’s waterways are increasingly congested, but everyone has the same right to recreate. Please be mindful and remember to share the waterways while recreating responsibly. Learn more about the Marine Board, the agency’s programs and its marine law enforcement partners.

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