Citation Honors Coos Bay Firefighters, July 3

City of Coos Bay release – Eight Coos Bay firefighters were awarded with a Unit Citation medal for their life-saving effort at a house fire in May of this year. A Unit Citation is considered for a team that displays extraordinary heroism, meritorious service, or performance of marked distinction under difficult and hazardous conditions in accomplishing its mission. In the early morning hours of May 2, 2024, the fire department responded to a house fire in the Eastside neighborhood. Firefighters found two people trapped within the home, threatened by the growing fire and unable to escape on their own. The team successfully rescued victims and extinguished the fire. Despite receiving burns and smoke inhalation, both victims have made a full recovery. Given that the premier mission of the fire service is the protection of human life and, as each member of the first-arriving crew had a role in the successful rescue and care of both victims, it was determined that these personnel are deserving of the Unit Citation for their life-saving efforts. Those being honored for their actions are: Lt. Anthony Saccente, Engineer Clinton Cook, Firefighter Rory Eck, Firefighter Craig Edera, Firefighter Fernanda Gonzalez, Firefighter Jacob Galdston, Firefighter Mia Knight, and Firefighter Lexi Wagoner.

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