All ODF Districts Now in Fire Season, July 4

OR Dept. of Forestry release – SALEM, Ore. – As of Wednesday, July 3, all Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) districts are in fire season. This means that to reduce the risk of human-caused wildfires, fire restrictions may be in place where you live or at a destination you plan to visit or recreate. ODF protects over 16 million acres of private, county, state, and federal land in Oregon from wildfire. Fire season is declared at the local level when conditions reach a point where the risk of a fire starting and spreading becomes clear. This year, the Southwest Oregon district was the first to declare on June 1, and the North Cascade District was the last to declare on July 3. As we move into the Fourth of July and the holiday weekend, it’s important to remember that forests and fireworks DO NOT MIX. Fireworks are banned in all State Forest designated recreation sites including campgrounds, camping areas, day-use areas, trailheads, staging areas, and boat launch sites. Remember to check any additional city and county firework restrictions as well. “Mid-July and August are known for high fire occurrence due to increased lightning activity, but human activities continue to be the leading source of Oregon’s wildfires. RIGHT NOW is the time to practice fire safety and preparedness. Wildfire is already on the landscape,” said Chris Cline, Oregon Department of Forestry’s Protection Division Chief. Cline said, “Prevention is our number one tool to reduce property loss and firefighting costs. We can’t prevent lightning fires, but we can prevent human-caused fires…and we need everyone’s help to that end!” With a heat wave expected from July 4th into next week, now is the time to brush up on your wildfire prevention knowledge. Tips include: Know before you go. Campfires may be banned or only allowed in approved campgrounds. Make sure your campfire is cool to the touch before going to sleep or leaving your site. Don’t forget to Drown, Stir, Repeat. Backyard debris burning either requires a burn permit during fire season or is prohibited altogether. If you burned earlier this spring, go back and check on your debris burn site to make sure nothing reignites due to the heat. Don’t flick a cigarette onto the ground. It may be just enough to start a fire. Don’t park or idle over dried grass. Don’t drag tow chains. Check local restrictions and fire danger levels. For more information on how you can help prevent wildfires, visit

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