CBFD Receives Grant for a Fire Truck, Dec. 27

CBFD release – Earlier this month at a City Council meeting, the Coos Bay Fire Department (CBFD) was authorized to accept a grant from the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s office that will provide a fire truck (water tender) capable of carrying 2000 gallons of water. The majority of Coos Bay benefits from a well-designed hydrant and water distribution system, but there are some areas within city limits and most of the areas that the fire department covers through contract (ie. Libby, Bunker Hill and Timber Park neighborhoods) which lack adequate hydrants and available water for firefighting. In situations like these, fire departments often use water trucks to bring water for firefighting to the incident. Without a water truck (tender) of their own, Coos Bay has relied on mutual aid agreements with neighboring departments when a need for a water tender was identified. Truck Information: In 2022, the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s office offered a grant to minimize the threat of catastrophic wildfire by placing resources (fire engines and water tenders) in jurisdictions around the state. In this program, the State will maintain ownership of these resources and the local recipient agencies are authorized to utilize the equipment as they see fit. Additionally, the recipient agencies will be awarded reimbursement up to $3,500 annually for necessary maintenance of the equipment. The three options from this State program were a wildland (type VI) brush truck, an urban-interface (type III) engine, and a 2000-gallon water tender. Coos Bay already has two (2) type VI brush trucks and a type III offers little or no benefit to the existing fleet. A water tender was identified as beneficial to the City for those areas with inadequate water supply, adding to resources for emergency management. In the event of a natural disaster that disrupts the community water distribution system, the ability to transport large amounts of water may be invaluable. Fire department staff applied for a grant to house an OSFM water tender. Coos Bay was one of two agencies within Coos County that were selected as recipient agencies. The truck, valued at $340,000, is being built by Rosenbauer Fire Equipment in South Dakota and expected to be delivered by early Spring 2024.

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