Attempted Kidnapping, Lane Co., March 13

March 11, 2024, a juvenile was approached by a vehicle while walking in the area of Barbre Road and Rogers Lane. The driver told the juvenile he knew her parents and was there to give her a ride home, neither of which was true. The juvenile began walking back towards the Dexter Market, and the vehicle sped off. Deputies became aware hours later when the information was found on Facebook. They patrolled the area, but did not find a matching vehicle and subject. The vehicle is described as a red SUV similar to a Ford Escape. The driver is described as a scruffy, skinny white male, mid-40s, with reddish-blonde curly hair. If you observe a matching vehicle and subject or have more information on this case, please contact the Lane County Sheriff’s Office at 541-682-4150 option 1.

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