DEQ begins Climate Protection Program rulemaking, March 13

DEQ release – Portland, Ore. – The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has launched the rulemaking process to re-establish a program to significantly reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions, of similar scope and ambition as the now invalidated Climate Protection Program. This follows the Oregon Court of Appeals’ December decision to invalidate the rules due to a procedural error in the original rulemaking notice. “We aren’t wasting any time ensuring Oregon has an effective climate policy in place,” said Colin McConnaha, manager of Office of Greenhouse Gas Programs. “We’re determined to complete a robust and transparent rulemaking process before proposing rules for consideration to the Environmental Quality Commission later this year.” The Climate Protection Program was a critical component to meeting Oregon’s greenhouse gas reduction goals. The objective of this new rulemaking is to re-establish an enforceable and declining limit, or cap, on greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels used throughout Oregon, including diesel, gasoline, natural gas and propane. The first rulemaking advisory committee meeting will be on April 2, 2024. This meeting is open to the public to attend and there will be time dedicated for public comment. Go to the Climate Protection Program 2024 rulemaking webpage for more information. Sign up to be on the Climate Protection Program email list through GovDelivery to get the latest updates and information about this process.

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