Wastewater Treatment Plant Pile Driving Activity – REVISED, June 27

The City is currently upgrading the wastewater treatment plant located at 680 Ivy Avenue. The upgrade will include a new secondary clarifier and chlorine contact chamber. Both of these structures will need to be on piling. In total approximately 280 piles will be installed. Tuesday, the contractor started driving the piles. They plan on installing up to 20 piles a day which means they will be doing this activity Monday through Friday for the next three to four weeks. The contractor is installing the piles with a drop hammer which uses a falling weight to create the impact. While this is a common method it can be loud and repetitive. The decibel level was measured onsite during the pile driving activity and the highest reading was measured at 88 decibels. This can be compared to a food blender, garbage disposal, or heavy freeway traffic. If you live or work near the wastewater treatment plant you will be subject to this repetitive noise for the next three to four weeks and the City thanks you in advance for your patience and understanding. Should you have any concerns or questions, please contact City Hall Public Works at 541-269-8918.

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