Vacancies on ATV Advisory Committee, Dec. 25

OPRD release – SALEM, Oregon—The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) is recruiting for two representatives for the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Advisory Committee. The positions will represent a law enforcement agency and an emergency medical service (EMS) provider. The 17-member committee reviews safety features of all classes of off-highway vehicles, reviews accidents and fatalities resulting from all-terrain vehicle recreation, reviews changes to statutory vehicle classifications as necessary for safety and makes recommendations to the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission. They also recommend appropriate safety requirements to protect child operators and riders of off-highway vehicles to the commission. Ideal candidates should be employed with an agency that works with ATV activities. The law enforcement agency should patrol an ATV riding area in Oregon. The EMS representative should work in the EMS profession and be familiar with ATV injuries and responses. Those interested in serving must submit an ATV Advisory Committee interest form by Friday, Jan. 12. The form is available online: The 17-member ATV Advisory Committee usually meets once a year in Salem. In person attendance is preferred but virtual attendance is an option. The law enforcement position also serves on the ATV Grant Subcommittee, which reviews grant proposals and makes recommendations to the Commission as to which projects should receive grant funding. The ATV Grant Subcommittee meets 2-4 times a year to review grant applications. Time commitment varies and includes reviewing and evaluating 20-50 grant applications each year, depending on the grant cycle. Thirty percent of the funding goes to law enforcement agencies throughout Oregon. The ATV Grant Program provides funding statewide for All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) recreation. Grant funds come from ATV user permit sales and a percentage of gasoline tax money. More information about the state ATV program is available

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