Updates to Park Exclusion Rules, Dec. 4

OPRD release – SALEM, Ore— Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) is seeking additional public comments on proposed updates to the rules for excluding individuals from Oregon State Parks who commit violations, including endangering the safety of visitors and staff (OAR 736-010-0020, 736-021-0040). The proposed rules opened for public comment Oct. 2, 2023 and reflected changes recommended by the Rule Advisory Committee, a group formed by OPRD that included representatives from the mental health community, attorneys, agency safety staff and park hosts. The first public comment period closed Nov. 3, 2023. After reviewing public comments, the agency decided that an update is needed to clarify the exclusion decision-making process to include exclusion conditions and timeline. This means that an additional round of public comment is required before adopting the updates to the rule. All of the proposed updates clarify the process for excluding individuals from Oregon State Parks who commit rule violations that endanger the safety of visitors, staff or park resources. The proposed updates provide clear information on how excluded individuals may request an appeal and how appeals will be processed. OPRD is accepting comments until 5 p.m. January 4, 2024. Comments can be made online, in writing or via email: Online: Mail: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Attn: Helena Kesch, 725 Summer St NE, Suite C, Salem OR 97301 Email:

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