Travel Updates, Jan. 10

ODOT release – Winter is hitting Oregon hard this week with snow, high winds and cold in many parts of the state. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sees the first severe storms of the season with blizzard conditions including near zero visibility starting Tuesday. Monday night I-84 in eastern Oregon saw multiple closures for crashes and spun-out vehicles that struggled to gain traction on snowy roads. U.S 97 is snow covered from Redmond south to the border with California and blizzard conditions are due to hit the corridor south of Bend. All mountain passes, both high and low elevation, are already seeing the impacts of this storm. High winds combined with heavy precipitation will cause travel impacts. Expect to encounter chain restrictions if traveling these areas and plan extra time for your journey if you decide to travel. Delays and closures are common during storms of this magnitude. The Portland area may get some light snow Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Be prepared to drive in the snow and make sure you have a capable vehicle to get you where you need to go. Remember that public transportation can be a good option. has real time updates for conditions happening on the roads. It is the public facing view of our 24/7 staffed dispatch centers that monitor all state roads. No matter where you are in Oregon, prepare for challenging conditions in the days to come. Stay home if you can or plan ahead and prepare if you have to travel. We want everyone to get where they need to go safely. For even more winter weather driving tips, see our winter travel news packet.

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