The Salvation Army Joins Hands with Coos County Office of Homeless Response to Launch “Hope Village at The Bay”, Oct. 27

Salvation Army release – COOS BAY, Ore. – In taking the next steps toward a very forward-thinking collaboration, The Salvation Army and the Coos County Office of Homeless Response are working together toward a joint venture for the development of “Hope Village at The Bay”, an innovative Housing Readiness Micro-Community comprising eight meticulously designed tiny homes. This project is geared towards the betterment of communities across the Southern Oregon Coast. In 2022, the Legislature ushered in HB 4123 to initiate regionally driven housing coordination with eight pilot projects statewide. Each pilot was granted $1 million in state funding to empower offices shaped by city-county alliances, fortifying the homeless response mechanism in their communities. The intent behind these pilots is to optimize current community efforts and pinpoint gaps by collaborating with existing service providers. The Coos County Coordinated Office on Houselessness, now operating under the banner of the Homeless Response Office, stands as one of these pilot initiatives. It’s the outcome of a joint agreement between Coos County and the Cities of Coos Bay and North Bend. In a recent move, the Homeless Response Office Advisory Board sanctioned $480,000 of its resources to pave the way for the “Hope Village at The Bay”. With Coos County playing the role of the fiscal agent, this allocation was validated by its Board of County Commissioners this past Tuesday. Marking a pivotal step in addressing the widespread homelessness on Oregon’s south coast, the project strives to ensure a stable, welcoming environment for families and individuals yearning for shelter, providing a stepping stone to reviving their lives. Each home within the micro-community resonates with a sense of warmth and security, embodying the essence of dignity. Focusing on those grappling with homelessness in Coos County and neighboring areas, the project is holistically designed. The mission? Foster growth, enable independence and guide individuals towards lasting housing solutions. An integral, yet-to-be-disclosed partner, is expected to infuse both their expertise and substantial resources, estimated at $1.25 million. This will aid the construction of the Housing Readiness Micro-Community located at The Salvation Army’s address on 1155 Flanagan Avenue, Coos Bay. This venture is further fortified by the involvement of over 60 local agencies, underlining the community’s unwavering commitment to carve sustainable solutions. Andrew Brainard, Director of the Coos County Homeless Response Office, stated, “Homelessness presents manifold challenges, necessitating a community-driven approach to usher meaningful change. Together with The Salvation Army, our vision is not confined to merely offering shelter but to pave a path to independence and consistent housing.” Potentially taking the reins on administration and supportive services for the residents of this micro-community, The Salvation Army’s Coos Bay Corps would play a pivotal role. The services would span from case management to essential life skills training, and assistance with healthcare and job readiness. Major David Kauffman of The Salvation Army expressed, “Addressing homelessness is at the heart of our mission. Working towards solidifying this collaboration is a testament to our unwavering commitment. Our goal is to ignite hope, uphold dignity, and open doors for families to rebuild and rejuvenate their lives.” Reflecting the sentiments of the larger community, the joint statement from the Coos County Board of Commissioners and the Cities of Coos Bay and North Bend highlighted their aspiration for this project to set a precedent for similar future initiatives, both within the state and beyond.

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