Talk on Pollinators at NBPL, June 21

WHAT: Gardening expert Rowan Keltz is giving a talk at the North Bend Public Library about bees, butterflies, and other pollinators and how to create a pollinator-friendly garden. Rowan has been gardening for over sixty years. She also holds a master’s degree from the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, focusing on ecosystems and land management methods. She is a member of the Coquille Valley Seed Community and happily shares plant starts, seeds, and her diverse knowledge with the community. WHEN: This program is on Saturday, June 22 at 1:00 PM. WHERE: In the Meeting Room of the North Bend Public Library. WHO: This program is for adults. WHY: This event is a part of the Summer Reading Program at the North Bend Public Library. CONTACT: For more information, visit or call (541) 756-0400.

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