SWOCC Student/Athlete Signees, July 10

Southwestern Oregon Athletics has released its list of student-athlete signees for the 2024 signing period. The Lakers’ newcomers have a far reach with signees from The Netherlands, Guatemala, Denmark, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Sweden, Germany, Colombia, South Africa, and Japan. The spread in the U.S. is also wide with signees from Georgia, Hawaii, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Alaska, and Colorado. From the Oregon Coast schools: Emma Spalding (NB-VB); Hayley Brophy (MP-VB); Gracie Peach (MHS-VB); Reggie Gardner (CQ-VB); Angel Andrade (NB-SC); Helen Wolfe (ALA-SC); Rachael Snyder (NB-SC); Wyatt Harms (BH-SC); Calvary Votaw (New-XC); Stephen Votaw (New-XC); Logan Clayburn (MP-WR); Faith Hite (MHS-SB).

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