Squatters Arrested, Pettit Lane, NB, Feb. 28

CCSO release – Date/Time: February 25th, 2024, around 11:12 pm; Case #: 202400004751; Classification: Burglary; Location: Pettit Lane, North Bend; Suspect(s): Travis Roland (39), Courtney Beasley (47), Danielle Betts (32), James Fry (44), Scott Denardo (42), Lindsey Wright (31). Summary: Squatters Arrested at North Bend Residence. On the night of February 25, 2024, at approximately 11:12 PM, the Coos County Dispatch received a report of a criminal trespass at a residence on Pettit Lane in North Bend. Deputies Z. Smith and K. Mong were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, the deputies discovered multiple individuals in the living room of the residence. Despite initial attempts to evade contact, the individuals were eventually detained after the homeowner granted permission for forced entry. The individuals, identified as Danielle Betts (32), Travis Roland (39), James Fry (44), and Courtney Beasley (47) were found to have unlawfully occupied the residence. It was revealed during the investigation that Travis and Courtney had entered the residence about a month prior, claiming squatter’s rights. The remaining suspects subsequently joined them a couple of weeks later. Travis and Courtney were arrested on charges of Burglary Second Degree, Criminal Mischief Third Degree, and Theft of Services. The other individuals were issued criminal citations for the same offenses. While en route to the Coos County Jail with Travis and Courtney, two additional suspects, Scott Denardo (42) and Lindsay Wright (31), arrived at the residence and were also issued criminal citations for the same offenses. All suspects’ property was removed from the residence, which was then secured. Travis and Courtney were booked, processed, and subsequently released as per the requirements of SB48.

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