South Coast Striders Hike, June 28

South Coast Strider Hike Announcement – Sunset Bay to Cape Arago – Saturday, June 29, 2024. WE NEED HIKE LEADERS! To volunteer to lead, fill out the Volunteer Form. Find out more about hike leader responsibilities go to our website. Hike from Sunset Bay to Cape Arago – A Hike with Three Options, Requires Registration–Registration Form. We try to keep the numbers on our hikes small, so they will be limited to 15-20 people. Please sign up if you plan to join us. Hike Description: The whole hike goes from Sunset Bay Day Use Area, along the coast through Shore Acres up toward the Simpson Reef Overlook. From there we’ll continue to Simpson Reef and then cross the road to the Pack Trail connector, and on to Cape Arago. Then you can return either by the same route or along the road as far as the Simpson Reef overlook, returning the same way you came. The total hike is about 8.5 miles if we take the shortcuts across the field at Shore Acres and the group campground at Sunset Bay. Short Hike–This will just go to Shore Acres and back. It will be under four miles, all pretty level. I need a volunteer to lead the short hike…or you will need to return on your own. Another option–You can hike as far as Simpson Reef, and then return. This will be almost 8 miles, but it’s all level. You’ll be on your own for the return. The broad line on the map shows the route we will be taking. Depending on a group decision, we MAY take the Pack Trail from Cape Arago (the red to the blue broken line). Other Information: Restrooms are available at Sunset Bay and Shore Acres. There is also a portajohn at Cape Arago. For those on the long hike, we’ll be stopping for lunch at Cape Arago. We suggest you might want to snack at the Simpson Reef Overlook, because lunch will be later than usual. Location and Time: Meet 9:30 am on Saturday June 29 at Sunset Bay day use parking lot, near volley ball courts and restrooms at south end of Sunset Bay. The short version of the hike will end before noon(unless you spend time in the gardens), and the long version at 2:30. Driving Directions: From Hwy 101 in downtown Coos Bay follow the signs 12.3 miles through Charleston to Sunset Bay State Park. Park in the day use parking lot. Remember to complete registration form.

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