Sheriff’s Office Scam is Back in Douglas Co., June 25

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. – Scammers are posing as officials from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) in an effort to scam community members out of money. Deputies have once again begun receiving reports from people contacted by phone by individuals posing as DCSO employees such as Lt. Jerry Tilley and others. The scammer will tell the intended victim they have missed some court appearance, failed to appear for jury duty, they owe fines or have a warrant for their arrest and eventually demands payment. The victim is often directed to immediately make payment or they face consequences including arrest. These are tactics that are never utilized by legitimate law enforcement agencies. It is critically important for our community to be aware of these tactics and to share them with their friends and family members, especially those who may be vulnerable to falling victim to the scams, such as the elderly members of the community. However, we also wish to remind the community not to focus too much on specific scam tactics; scammers often change their methods over time: Scammers can easily obtain new phone numbers and will change them often. Scammers may use “spoof” programs to make the Caller ID show an agency’s actual phone number. Scammers may use the names of actual DCSO employees to make the call seem legitimate. Scammers may obtain personal information about a victim online including their name, address, phone number, and the names of others in the home. Scammers may initially contact victims by mail, email, or through social media. Due to the technology used in the scam – and the fact that scammers can be located anywhere in the world – it is virtually impossible to track the scammers or to get money back. “If anyone has any question about a possible scam call, they should call dispatch at (541) 440-4471 and ask to speak to a deputy,” said Lieutenant Brad O’Dell. “The most important thing is to not send any money or agree to meet someone to make payment.”

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