Salmon recovery efforts in Bandon spike, Nov. 1

Coquille Tribe Release – (North Bend, OR) – Ferry Creek in Bandon plays a significant role in the future success of salmon as it leads, pretty much, straight to the Bandon fish hatchery. But fishery technicians with the Coquille Indian Tribe note that there is not always enough water for the fish to make the swim and the salmon end up hanging around there or swimming back out and becoming sitting prey for seals. A seal excluder that was placed in 2021 has helped but didn’t solve the problem. So, the Tribe began working with STEP volunteers to collect broodstock out of Fall Creek and transport them to the hatchery. Gathering a lot of eggs is a good start to this growing program. This year they have gathered a record-setting number of spawning salmon to help in those efforts. Workers and volunteers were back at the Bandon hatchery Tuesday, Oct. 31, and will be back out at Fish Creek (on the south side of HWY 101, near the gravel lot behind Face Rock Creamery) on Wednesday, Nov. 1, from about 9:00 a.m. until about 2:00 p.m.

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