Rogue-South Coast steelhead validation, wild harvest tags on sale, Nov. 1

ODFW release – CENTRAL POINT, Ore – The Rogue-South Coast Steelhead Validation and wild harvest tags go on sale Wednesday, Nov. 1. The validation is required for all winter steelhead anglers fishing in the Rogue Basin or on the south coast from Dec. 1 to April 30, 2024. A separate wild winter steelhead harvest tag is required to keep wild winter steelhead in this area. Anglers should note that wild harvest regulations vary, and some locations don’t open to wild winter steelhead until after Dec. 1. Check the regulations before you go. Those purchasing daily or multi-day licenses must have a valid ODFW ID number which is required to purchase a validation (do not use “guest checkout”.) Pre-paid daily licenses do not qualify to buy a validation. Visit the Rogue-South Coast Steelhead Validation webpage for more details on where the validation and harvest tag are required, and answers to frequently asked questions. These requirements began in January 2023 and were developed by ODFW and public stakeholder teams during the Rogue-South Coast Multi-Species Conservation and Management Plan process. Product sales help fund winter steelhead monitoring in this area. ODFW staff will present an update on the Rogue-South Coast Plan to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission at their Dec. 15 meeting.

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