Removing ATV Classes from Rule, Oct. 3

OPRD release – Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is seeking public comment now on a proposed rule change that would remove the description of ATV classes from the rule due to frequent updates to that information, which require a rule change process for each change. Instead of describing each class in OAR 736-004-0015, the rule would refer to the definition of ATV (All-Terrain Vehicles) in the Oregon Vehicle Code. The definitions are listed under ORS.801.190; ORS.801.193 and ORS.801.194. The proposed change would allow the agency to maintain a greater level of accuracy in its rules. It was also inspired by the most recent change in ATV definitions adopted by the Legislature in Senate Bill 899. Public comments will be accepted now through 5 p.m. November 3, 2023, and can be submitted: Online: Mail: OPRD Department, attn: Katie Gauthier, 725 Summer St NE, Suite C, Salem OR 97301. Email: There will be no public hearing. Once the public comment period ends, the proposal with any incorporated updates is slated to go to Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission in November for possible adoption.

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