Protests Blocks I-5, Lane Co., April 16

LANE COUNTY, Ore. 15 April 2024 – At approximately 10:00 a.m., Oregon State Troopers responded to I-5 southbound at milepost 194 in Eugene to reports of protesters blocking the interstate. Protesters blocked all southbound traffic lanes near the Barlow Bridge. Throughout the incident, demonstrators were given continuous lawful orders to disperse before dozens of people were arrested for disorderly conduct. At least one individual was discovered to be in possession of a firearm. The interstate traffic was stopped for approximately 45 minutes. Southbound lanes are now open; however, law enforcement remains on the scene while observers continue to gather along the highway. Oregon State Police supports an individual’s right to lawfully protest and express concerns over world events. However, today’s actions put Oregon’s motorists in danger as well as the protestors who blocked the roadway. At this time, future comments will be limited due to the ongoing criminal investigations. UPDATE: As a result of this morning’s demonstration, 52 people were arrested for disorderly conduct. Two individuals were additionally charged with conspiracy and theft 2. All suspects are in custody at the Lane County Jail. Six vehicles were towed from the scene. Today’s incident required a significant law enforcement response. Responding agencies included: Eugene Police Department – 31 officers; 1 transport van; Springfield Police Department – 22 officers; 1 transport van; Lane County Sheriff’s Office – 20 deputies; 2 jail vans; Oregon State Police – 48 troopers; Oregon Department of Transportation Incident Response – 6 personnel; Springfield Fire Department and Eugene Fire Department. OSP would like to thank area law enforcement agencies for their partnership and response to this incident.

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