Pollinator License Plates, Oct. 23

OSU Extension release – The Pollinator Paradise license plate from Oregon State University Extension Service and the OSU Department of Horticulture will be available Nov. 1. The license plate drew much media and public attention when announced last January. Demand for the 3,000 plates needed to be pre-ordered before production quickly outstripped supply. Designed by Marek Stanton, now 16. the bee-themed plate hits the market as passion for preserving pollinators hits a high mark. Stanton is the youngest member ever of the intense Master Melittologist program headed by Andony Melathopoulos, OSU Extension pollinator specialist. The pollinator program will benefit from $35 of the proceeds from the $40 surcharge for the plate, which will be available from DMV and some car dealerships when buying a car. Check out this story about Marek for additional information:

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