Oregon No. 2 in Firewise Sites, March 13

ODF release – Salem, Ore.—With 290 Firewise USA sites in good standing, the Oregon Department of Forestry is proud that Oregon is ranked number two in the nation for number of Firewise USA sites. In 2023, Oregon added 39 new sites creating more fire-adapted communities. Along with being number two as a state in 2023, Oregon is also home to the number four and number five counties with the most sites in the nation: Jackson County with 75 sites and Deschutes County with 73 sites. These accomplishments would not have been possible without the dedication of community members and those that led the charge. What is Firewise USA? Firewise USA is a program that helps guide communities in the process of protecting their homes and neighborhood from wildfire. The program is run by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and co-sponsored by the National Association of State Foresters and U.S. Forest Service. The Oregon Department of Forestry is responsible for administering the program in Oregon and is a resource to help communities create a community wildfire protection plan, find grants to fund projects, and give expert advice. This work is not done alone. Through the help of ODF’s partners, like the Oregon State Fire Marshal, community coordinators, and local fire departments, we all work together to complete assessments and help the community develop action plans for implementing wildfire risk reduction activities. How does a community become a Firewise community? Starting the journey to become a Firewise USA site is as easy as picking up the phone and calling your local ODF office. Only a minimum of eight dwellings are required, meaning that your street, neighborhood or town can be a Firewise USA community. What are the benefits of becoming a Firewise site? By becoming a Firewise site, you can educate your community and work to become more wildfire resilient. As a Firewise site, you have access to a number of wildfire partners, like the Oregon Department of Forestry, to help you in securing grants, getting advice, help in coordination and more. The continuation and growth of the Firewise USA program in Oregon is just one way we can create more fire adapted communities and protect our neighbors.

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