Oregon Hatchery Research Center Board is seeking new members, Oct. 10

ODFW release – CORVALLIS, Ore.—ODFW is seeking two new members to represent sport anglers on the Oregon Hatchery Research Center (OHRC) Board. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in advancing the state of knowledge related to hatchery fish, their contributions to fisheries and their interactions with wild fish. The OHRC is a cooperative endeavor of ODFW and OSU. The center’s mission is to be an internationally recognized leader in fisheries science, conducting research to define the mechanisms that may create differences between hatchery and wild salmonids, recommending strategies to manage those differences, and educating Oregonians about the benefits, risks, roles and performance of hatcheries in fisheries augmentation and conservation. The Board is charged with advising the OHRC Director on OHRC operations, budget and research priorities. The OHRC Board includes 12 members representing a variety of groups including sport anglers. Additional details about the Board’s responsibilities can be found in HB 3441, available on the ODFW web site at The Department is committed to ensuring the OHRC Board represents the age, racial, ethnic and gender diversity of Oregon. Prospective board members should demonstrate the ability to bring the perspective of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and identities to OHRC Board deliberations and outcomes. Applicants should also demonstrate an interest in research related to the propagation of fish in hatcheries while balancing conservation of wild fish populations. If this sounds interesting to you, please complete and submit an application, which must include three references, by Oct. 30, 2023. The application is available on the ODFW web site at Candidates must be residents of Oregon. The ODFW Director will appoint the new members. Successful candidates will serve a four-year term. If you would like more information, please contact Tom Stahl ( or 503-947-6219) or visit the OHRC’s Web site (

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