Online Threat Made to the Coos Bay School District, Dec. 12

CBPD & Coos Bay School District joint release – The Coos Bay Police Department (CBPD) is investigating an online threat that was made toward the Coos Bay School District (CBSD). On December 11, 2023, the CBPD was made aware that an online threat had been made toward the CBSD. In response to this information the CBPD deployed all available resources to CBSD schools, completing initial security sweeps inside and outside each school. The CBPD continues to have an increased presence at all CBSD schools. So far CBPD has not found anything to indicate the threat made to the CBSD is legitimate. CBPD has been made aware that numerous other school districts throughout the state of Oregon also received the same online threat. An early information technology (IT) investigation has indicated that the threat originated from outside of the United States. The CBPD has been in contact with other local law enforcement officials and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and our investigation is continuing. COOS BAY SCHOOL DISTRICT: In response to the recent online threat towards the Coos Bay School District (CBSD), we want to provide our community with an update on the situation. We have been in close contact with law enforcement officials, including the FBI, to address this matter collaboratively. We take this matter seriously and are committed to ensuring the safety of our students and staff. To keep our families informed, we will be sending out a Remind message shortly. While we do not believe the threat is credible, we understand concerns about safety, and an increased law enforcement presence will be maintained throughout the day. District operations will continue, but parents who are worried may pick up their students. We appreciate your cooperation and encourage you to reach out if you have any concerns or questions. The well-being of our school community remains our top priority.

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