ODFW Commercial Nearshore Advisory Panel, Oct. 31

To all Oregon commercial nearshore fishers, processors, and other interested parties: The Oregon Department of Fish Wildlife (ODFW) is pleased to announce the selection of the ODFW Commercial Nearshore Advisory Panel (CNAP) members (see reverse). We attempted to balance several factors in the make-up of the panel, including having representation from long-time participants and newer entrants, across geographic regions, from buyers, processors, and harvesters, and the stated interest and expertise of applicants relative to the issues that we expect to address. However, we are still seeking greater representation from harvesters and live fish buyers from the south coast, in particular, Gold Beach and Brookings. As a reminder, the initial term of service is for three years, and we will reopen the application process at that time which will also require all existing members to reapply. While we expect the CNAP to play a major role in helping to develop management recommendations, we are always open to one-on-one discussions and input from fishery participants and the public. We also note that public input is a required part of our permanent rule making process through the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission. Harvester representatives: Aaron Ashdown; Steve Johnson; Aaron McKenzie; Brian Trotter; Joe Watkins. Processor Representative: Cody Lucchesi.

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