No political signs allowed on state highway right of way, May 21

ODOT will remove wrongly placed signs and hold them for pickup at the nearest ODOT maintenance yard. ODOT release – As the May 21, 2024, elections draw near, campaigns and their friends should remember that ODOT will remove political signs posted on the state highway right of way. Every election season, we receive complaints from the public and from candidates regarding the improper placement of political signs on the state highway rights of way, where only official traffic control devices are allowed. Improperly placed signs can distract drivers and block road safety messages. Wrongly placed signs will be taken down and held at a nearby ODOT district maintenance office for 30 days. To reclaim signs, go here to find the nearest ODOT maintenance office. Signs are prohibited on trees, utility poles, fence posts and natural features within highway right-of-ways. They also are prohibited within view of a designated scenic area. The width of the state highway right of way can vary considerably depending on the specific location. If you’re uncertain whether you’re placing a sign on private property or highway right of way, check with the local ODOT district maintenance office. Local municipalities may also regulate the placement of political signs. Political signs are allowed on private property within view of state highways with the following restrictions: Signs are limited to 12 square feet but can be up to 32 square feet with a variance from our Oregon Advertising Sign program. Signs cannot have flashing or intermittent lights, or animated or moving parts. Signs must not imitate official highway signs or devices. Signs are not allowed in scenic corridors. No payment or compensation of any kind can be exchanged for either the placement of or the message on temporary signs, including political signs, which are visible to a state highway. For more information go to ODOT’s Outdoor Advertising Sign Program.

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