New Veterans Services Center set to open, May 30

Coos Co. release – The Coos County Veterans Service Office, Point Man Ministries Outpost 101 and Southwestern Oregon Veterans Outreach will be joining forces to open a veterans outreach center in Coos County. The organizations will be co-locating at 1875 Virginia Avenue in North Bend. According to Coos County Veterans Services Officer Denise Cody, this will create more efficiency in providing services to veterans. For example, Southwestern Oregon Veterans Services runs on grants and provides emergency services to veterans. “If a veteran comes in and needs money, they have to contact us first to verify and see if they’re really a veteran,” Cody said. “Then we look them up in the system. Everyone will know what’s going on in real time.” Instead of being in a nearby office, now Coos County’s Veterans Services professionals will be right down the hallway, making it faster and easier for veterans to access services. Point Man Ministries will be offering their group sessions and PTSD therapy services on site, as well. The location also is around the corner from the Veteran’s Administration clinic behind Safeway in North Bend. All three partners are expected to be operating at the new location in mid-July. “Our job is not just to push claims but to connect them with the services they need,” Cody said. “This is a dream to have us all in one building. It’s a one-stop approach. It’s going to be all right there under one roof.”

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