NBHS Cheer Team Honored, April 3

City of North Bend release – Prepare to witness the streets of North Bend come alive in an extraordinary spectacle! On Wednesday, April 3, 2024, at 8:00 AM sharp, a grand escort awaits the victors of the stage – the North Bend High Competition Cheer Team. Join us as the North Bend Police and Fire Departments lead an unforgettable procession from the majestic McCullough Bridge all the way to the hallowed halls of the high school, in honor of our hometown heroes. Let’s fill the air with cheers and applause as we celebrate a monumental victory – our very own cheer team has clinched First Place in the Sharp National Competition’s Small/Medium Cheer Division! Spread the word, bring your spirit, and let’s make this welcome back one for the history books. Congratulations, North Bend High Competition Cheer Team – champions in every sense of the word!

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