Marine Board’s New Boating Safety Advocate Program Sets Sail for the Boating Season, May 16

Oregon State Marine Board release – The Oregon State Marine Board is amplifying its education and outreach program to meet boaters where they are, by the water, and in the community. The agency hired five seasonal boating safety advocates (BSAs), who will interact with the public at schools, safety fairs, and other community gatherings to promote boating and water safety and are a resource to boaters on the water. The advocates will be active during peak boating use, especially beginners who may not be aware of pertinent safety equipment or potential risks. “This program emphasizes the Marine Board’s commitment to modernizing boating safety education and outreach,” says Brian Paulsen, Boating Safety Program Manager for the Marine Board. “We are focused on decreasing boating fatalities in Oregon. So many incidents are preventable and come down to education, understanding risks and safety equipment. The BSAs will help reinforce how to play it safe.” The BSA positions are not regulatory in nature but collect informal field data related to boating activities for safety and compliance. Advocates are approachable and boaters are encouraged to share their passions and perspectives. “Engaging with boaters on waters across the state creates an opportunity to have conversations and learn what the agency can do to serve boaters better,” Paulsen adds. “BSAs are also eyes and ears for agency staff and may help us gather observational data when they are out on the water.” Learn more about the Marine Board’s Boating Safety Advocates and recreational boating in Oregon.

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