Mapleton Female Convicted of Murder, June 4

In June of 2023, Lane County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Mapleton after 66-year-old Marsha Quesnell called 911 and stated she had murdered her mother. Upon arrival, deputies found Quesnell’s 85-year-old mother deceased with multiple stab wounds. Quesnell was taken into custody and lodged at the Lane County Jail for charges including Murder. Quesnell has a history of mental health issues and had been previously placed under the jurisdiction of the Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB) for five years in 2007 after attacking a family member with a knife. She was discharged from that jurisdiction in 2012. On Thursday, May 23rd, Quesnell was found guilty except for insanity for Murder in the Second Degree and Unlawful Use of a Weapon. The Lane County Circuit Court ordered that Quesnell be placed under the jurisdiction of the PSRB for the rest of her life for those charges. “This case was very taxing emotionally and mentally for all involved,” said Sheriff Harrold. “Our deputies performed exceptionally from start to finish, and I’m continually proud of their hard work.” The Sheriff would also like to thank the Lane County District Attorney’s Office for their work on this case.

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