License Plate Recognition at North Bend, June 20

NBPD release – North Bend’s new LPR technology on police vehicles and speed trailers will boost crime detection, aiding in faster response to stolen cars, AMBER alerts, and wanted criminals. Exciting news for our community! The North Bend City Council has authorized the purchase and installation of license plate readers (LPRs) in every police vehicle and on speed-detection mobile readers. What does this mean for you? If you have an expired license plate, are driving a stolen vehicle, or are wanted by law enforcement, be aware that your vehicle will likely be on camera if you drive through North Bend. Expect to see blue lights in your rearview mirror soon. How do LPRs work? LPRs are advanced devices that capture and analyze images of vehicle license plates. They offer extensive detection capabilities and are pivotal in identifying stolen vehicles, vehicles involved in Amber Alerts, and those associated with serious crimes. Funding: Thanks to federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant funding, North Bend will be the only Oregon police department to outfit every patrol car and speed reader board with LPRs. What do the experts say? North Bend Chief of Police Cal Mitts describes this new technology as a “game changer” in investigating and detecting crime within our city limits. LPRs will help with AMBER and related alerts and reduce crime in North Bend by: 1. Quickly Identifying Stolen Vehicles: LPRs can automatically scan and check license plates against stolen vehicle databases nationwide, helping police recover stolen cars more efficiently. 2. Locating Missing Children: When a child is abducted, an AMBER alert is issued. LPRs can identify and locate vehicles associated with the alert, speeding up the search and increasing the chances of a safe recovery. 3. Catching Wanted Criminals: LPRs can instantly alert police if a vehicle belongs to someone with an outstanding warrant or is connected to a crime, enabling quicker arrests. 4. Enhancing Traffic Safety: By monitoring and recording vehicle speeds and traffic patterns, LPRs help police identify and address traffic violations, making roads safer for everyone. Overall, LPRs provide real-time data that helps law enforcement respond faster and more effectively to crimes and emergencies, thereby improving public safety in North Bend. Stay safe, North Bend, and remember—crime doesn’t pay! Our community is stepping up its efforts to ensure safety and security for all residents.

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