Invasive quagga mussels found on boat at Ashland inspection station, Jan. 9

ODFW release – SALEM, Ore. – ODFW staff at the Ashland Boat Inspection Station found quagga mussels on a pontoon boat that was being transported from Lake Mead, Nev., into Oregon on Jan. 4. This was the first instance in 2024 where crews have found quagga mussels. The watercraft was decontaminated at the inspection station. “Quagga mussels can cause serious damage to Oregon’s lakes, streams, irrigation and water delivery systems,” said Rick Boatner, ODFW Invasive Species Coordinator. “We want watercraft owners to be responsible and have their vessel inspected when entering Oregon.” ODFW reminds the public that all vehicles towing or carrying watercraft into Oregon must stop at any watercraft inspection station that is open to inspect for aquatic invasive species. Watercraft owners should be aware of where inspections stations are located around Oregon. Stations are open if large orange, “Boat Inspection Ahead,” signs are posted, followed by “Inspection Required for All Watercraft.” Visit for more information about the Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program and Waterway Access permits: ODFW has not detected the presence of quagga mussels in Oregon’s waterways but in 2023 crews decontaminated 9 watercrafts for quagga or zebra mussels and 327 watercrafts for other types of aquatic biofouling such as Eurasian Watermilfoil. Since the start of the Watercraft Inspection Stations program in 2010, ODFW has inspected 209,620 watercraft and intercepted and decontaminated 168 watercrafts with quagga or zebra mussels and 3,246 watercrafts with other types of aquatic biofouling.

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