Get school and daycare immunizations updated before Feb. 21

OHA release – All children in Oregon’s public and private schools, preschools, Head Start and certified childcare facilities must have documentation showing they are up to date on their required immunizations by Wednesday, Feb. 21. If parents and caregivers do not provide those records to their child’s school by that deadline, the child will be sent home unless they have an exemption. “Vaccine-preventable diseases can be highly contagious, with several cases of measles recently taking place in the Pacific Northwest and across the U.S.,” said Stacy de Assis Matthews, school law coordinator in OHA’ Public Health Division. “Immunization remains the best way to stop that spread, keeping kids and school communities healthy and safe.” COVID-19 vaccinations are not required for students in Oregon schools or childcare. Parents seeking immunizations for their children should contact their pediatrician or local health department. They may also dial 211 or visit No one can be turned away from a local health department because of the inability to pay for required vaccines. Statewide school vaccination data is available on OHA’s website, or at OHA’s School Immunization Dashboard.

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