Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team Cases, Oct. 13

DINT release – The past two months have been busy ones for the Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team (DINT). Drug cartel style illegal marijuana enforcement remains a high priority due to the devastation it causes to our local resources. Some examples of this are as follows: Unpermitted high-water use, depleting our already strained ground water supply. Pesticides/herbicides/fertilizers are routinely misused, or even banned substances are used, again threatening our ground water supplies. Dangerous electrical and building code violations, and inhumane living conditions, causing an unsafe environment for all involved. Increased criminal activity perpetrated by some members of these criminal organizations. Community livability concerns. During the past couple of months DINT has conducted enforcement actions on the following locations: July 28, 2023 – 500 block of Shively Creek Road, Days Creek. Seized 2,337 illegal marijuana plants. No arrests at this point, investigation continuing. August 2, 2023 – 200 block Hult St, Dillard / 800 block Dyke Rd, Dillard. Both locations are part of the same case. DINT executed search warrants at both locations and found 1,674 marijuana plants, and approximately 860 pounds of processed marijuana. The following persons were arrested in this case: 29 yr old Julio Romero-Garcia, of Dillard. 27 yr old Juan Sanchez-Holguin, of Dillard. 34 yr old Oleksandr Kolisnichenko, of Hallandale Beach, Florida. 40 yr old Oleksandr Podzizey, of Darien, Illinois. August 4, 2023 – 3,000 block of Boomer Hill Rd, Myrtle Creek / 700 block of Pruner Road, Riddle. DINT detectives seized large scale illegal marijuana extraction labs from each site, along with over 50,000 pounds of processed marijuana, 30,000 ML’s of marijuana extract, and 60,000 pounds of processed hemp. The following arrests were made: 49 yr old Emiliano Sundt, of Myrtle Creek. 45 yr old Dmytro Rudakov, of Myrtle Creek. 49 year old Majnun U-Din Nathanson, of Myrtle Creek. 50 year old Alexey Belyaninov of Myrtle Creek. 59 year old Yevgeniy Radaev of Roseburg. 45 year old Iryna Vyshar, of Roseburg. August 15, 2023 – 1000 block of Westside Road, Camas Valley. This is a former illegal marijuana site. DINT executed a search warrant at the location that revealed an enormous illegal psilocybin mushroom cultivation operation. DINT seized approximately 44,000 pounds of psilocybin mushrooms, an illegal firearm, and evidence of marijuana production. This is the largest psilocybin seizure on record in Douglas County. The following arrests were made: 40 yr old Alberto Salgado-Mendoza, of Camas Valley. 27 yr old Elias Perez-Diaz, of Camas Valley. 18 yr old Francisco Nunez, of Camas Valley. 28 yr old Luis Hernandez, of Camas Valley. 25 yr old Abel Perez-Diaz, of Camas Valley. August 15, 2023 – 1100 block of Reston Road, Tenmile. This case is related to the Westside Road case listed above. DINT executed a search warrant at this location and located an illegal marijuana grow consisting of over 12,000 marijuana plants. Two arrests were made in this case: 36 yr old Joaquin Valdovinos-Torres, of Stockton, California. 34 yr old Claudio Cardoza, unknown location. August 22, 2023 – DINT detectives contacted the driver of a vehicle during a traffic stop on I-5 at milepost 161. The driver, 51 yr old Bryan Bakken of Springfield, was immediately detained regarding a warrant for his arrest from the US Marshall’s Service. Bakken was the subject of an ongoing investigation, and detectives had reason to believe Bakken was in possession of a large amount of narcotics. A search of Bakken’s vehicle revealed approximately 4 pounds of suspected methamphetamine. Bakken was lodged at the Douglas County Jail on several narcotics charges, as well as the Marshall’s warrant. September 6, 2023 – 2300 block of Azalea-Glen Rd, Azalea. In this case detectives executed search warrants at two neighboring properties simultaneously. This resulted in the seizure of 178 marijuana plants and approximately 124 pounds of processed marijuana. Additionally, detectives discovered one person, Wayne Picard, in possession of suspected child pornography. This investigation is ongoing, but the following persons have been arrested in this case: 76 yr old Wayne Picard, of Azalea. 60 yr old Doris McEwen, of Azalea. 34 yr old Shaun Greer, of Azalea. September 8, 2023 – 800 block of Tunnel Road, Glendale. Detectives executed a search warrant at this location and discovered approximately 450 marijuana plants, over 400 pounds of processed marijuana, and a small amount of cocaine. Arrested in this case are the following: 30 yr old Natanael Zavala-Aguilar, of Glendale. 44 yr old Jassen Rumsey, of Grants Pass (unlawfully delivering water). 62 yr old Kevin Helmer, of Grants Pass (unlawfully delivering water). September 20, 2023 – 600 block of Ranchero Road / 100 block of Fawn Lane, Glendale. DINT executed search warrants at both locations simultaneously, along with two other locations out of the county (one in Grants Pass and one in Medford). These search warrants resulted in the seizure of over 12,000 marijuana plants, 9,000 lbs of processed marijuana, and a small amount of cocaine. The following persons were arrested in this case: 30 yr old Michael Avendano-Leon, of Roseburg. 23 yr old Tomas Ayala-Garcia, of Glendale. 27 yr old Aquilino Cruz-Garcia, unknown residence. 18 yr old Alexis Jimenez-Lopez, unknown residence. 29 yr old Antonio Mendoza-Valencia, of Glendale. 20 yr old Ulises Edrel-Rotas, of Santa Clara, California. 33 yr old Eladio Lopez-Diaz of Santa Rosa, California. 28 yr old Juan Merino-Avendano, of Santa Rosa, California. 24 yr old Mario Garcia-Cruz, of Clearlake, California. 21 yr old Alfonso Cevallos-Magana, of Glendale. 40 yr old Leonides Romero, of Clearlake, California. 33 yr old Pablo Mendoza-Mendoza, of Grants Pass. 32 yr old Marisela Ayala-Valencia, of Grants Pass. September 29, 2023 – 6222 Upper Cow Creek Rd, Azalea. DINT executed a search warrant at this location and located 108 growing marijuana plants, 302 grams of suspected methamphetamine, 164 grams of suspected fentanyl, 3.5 grams of suspected cocaine, and small amounts of various other controlled substances. The following people were arrested: 38 yr old Steven Brooks, of Crescent City, California. 60 yr old Frances Nuss, of Azalea. 33 yr old Kayleen Chacey, of Azalea. 44 yr old Josh Bolen, of Crescent City, California. October 6, 2023 – DINT and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office had been working on a joint investigation since July of this year. This case started as an investigation into a stolen vehicle that was recovered in the Roseburg area by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Suspicious items were found inside the stolen vehicle, and they were suspected to contain illegal narcotics. DINT detectives applied for a search warrant to open the items, and found a large amount of suspected fentanyl. In total, deputies and detectives located approximately 2 pounds of suspected fentanyl powder, along with evidence of fentanyl sales. On October 6th, DINT detectives took the suspect into custody in the Eugene area. 35 yr old Mitchell Ramsey, of Gerber, California, was lodged in the Douglas County Jail on fentanyl related charges. These are just a brief synopsis of some of the cases DINT has been working on recently. Some of these cases are complex and much more in depth than described here. Some of these cases are ongoing, and more arrests are anticipated. DINT has worked on many other cases during this time period that are not mentioned here, either due to space concerns or to protect the integrity of ongoing investigations.

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