Domestic Violence, Hauser, Feb. 12

Date/Time: February 11th, 2024, around 10:25 am; Case #: 202400003488; Classification: Domestic Violence; Location: Myrtlewood Factory Parking Lot; Suspect(s): Doug Bates (69); Summary: Washington Male Arrested for Domestic Violence During Vacation in Coos County. On February 11th, 2024, around 10:25 am, Coos County Dispatch received a 911 call stating that there was a disturbance in the Myrtlewood Factory Parking lot. Deputy MR Smith responded to investigate. Deputy Smith found the reporting party in the Myrtlewood Factory store when he arrived and quickly learned that she was, in fact, the victim of Domestic Violence. Through his investigation, Deputy Smith learned that the victim’s boyfriend, Doug Bates (69), became angry with her after she received a phone call. Mr. Bates was concerned that it could have been another girlfriend of his and did not want her to find out who he was with. Mr. Bates pushed the victim against the interior of the RV and briefly placed his hands around her neck. The victim feared that Mr. Bates was going to seriously harm her. Deputy Smith arrested Mr. Bates and transported him to the Coos County Jail for Menacing Domestic. Mr. Bates was booked, processed, and remains in custody.

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