Domestic Violence, Daniels Ck., April 2

CCSO release – Date/Time: March 31st, 2024, around 1:34 pm; Case #: 202400007576; Classification: Domestic Violence; Location: Daniels Creek Road, Coos Bay; Suspect(s): Eric Barker (51); Summary: Coos County Man Arrested for Domestic Violence. On March 31st, 2024, around 1:34 pm, Coos County Dispatch received a 911 call for shots fired at a property on Daniels Creek Road in Coos Bay. The caller reported that an intoxicated family member, Eric Barker (51), had fired two rounds from a pistol in his direction from approximately 400 yards away. Deputy Z. Smith immediately responded to the area to investigate. When Deputy Smith arrived, he located Mr. Barker on a creek bridge with a black Smith & Wesson 411, .40 caliber pistol on the ground near him. Mr. Barker complied with all orders to keep his hands visible while Deputy Smith approached him to place him in handcuffs. Sergeant S. Moore arrived on the scene to assist with the investigation. Two spent casings were located and later confirmed to be from the found firearm. The firearm and the spent casing were seized for evidence. Deputy Smith concluded his investigation and arrested Mr. Barker for Domestic Menacing and Unlawful use of a Weapon. Mr. Barker was transported to the Coos County Jail, where he was booked, processed, and remains in custody. He will be held without bail pending formal charges and his initial appearance in court.

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