Counterfeit Money, Sept. 20

City of North Bend release – A North Bend resident had an unexpected twist this weekend at their yard sale. Two women, driving a 1980s series gray truck, made a purchase totaling $146. However, it was later discovered that they used a movie prop $100 bill to make the transaction. Key features depending on the series of the fake bill: – “For motion picture use only”; – “This is not a legal tender”; – “COPY” in capital letters; – “Prop Movie Money” as cursive signature; …among other apparent markings. Our local police urge all residents and businesses to be vigilant and inspect any bills that may appear suspicious. For a comprehensive guide on spotting counterfeit currency, check out the “Know Your Money” page by the US Secret Service: Also, familiarize yourself with Operation Quick Glance: Stay safe and informed, North Bend!

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