Coos Bay City Council, May 21

The Coos Bay City Council will meet on Tuesday, May 21, 2024 – 6:00 PM, Council Chambers – 500 Central Avenue, Coos Bay. Agenda: 1. Flag Salute; 2. Consent Calendar; a. Acceptance of April 2024 Financial Reports and Check Register; 3. Presentation: a. Marshfield High School Update by Harper Thompson; b. Presentation by Wastewater Rate Consultant Steve Donovan; 4. Action Items: a. Approval of National Emergency Medical Services Week Proclamation; b. Approval of National Public Works Week Proclamation; c. Consideration of Appointment to the Coos Bay/North Bend Water Board Budget Committee; d. Consideration to Approve Contract for Plant 1 Digesters Cleaning; e. Consideration to Pursue Acquisition of State Surplus Land; f. Discussion Regarding Potential Amendments to Rules of the City Council; 5. Public Comments: The Public Comments period is intended for the public to share ideas and concerns; it is not intended for an interactive discussion with Council. There may be opportunities for public comments during specific agenda items, members of the public are requested to confine their remarks to questions or issues under discussion during this time. During ANY designated comment period, individuals shall not engage in personal attacks, shall not impugn the motives of any speaker, and shall at all times, while in session conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. No person shall make personal, impertinent, slanderous or unauthorized remarks or become boisterous while addressing the Council. a. Public Comments; 6. City Manager’s Report; 7. Mayor and Council Comments; 8. Adjourn.

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