City of North Bend offers Reward Regarding Printer Theft, March 11

City of North Bend release – Assist in Identifying the Culprits Behind the Theft of an Essential Direct to Garment Printer. The City of North Bend is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those behind the theft of an Epson SureColor SC-F2100 Direct to Garment Printer. The printer’s serial number is X47Q006870, and it has been registered with LeadsOnline. This system allows North Bend Police to track stolen items across a network of 1.7 billion transactions nationwide. Interestingly, the thieves left the expensive ink cartridges and the platen, essential parts without which the printer could not operate. We’re calling on our community to help bring these culprits to justice. If you have any information, please contact our tip line at 541-756-8550 and mention North Bend Police Case No. N2024-0757. Together, we can solve this crime and protect our community. Thank you for your vigilance and support!

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