CCSO Reports (3), Oct. 25

Arago Boat Ramp Accident
CCSO release – Date/Time: October 25th, 2023, around 12:00 AM; Case #: Classification: Motor Vehicle Accident; Location: Arago Boat Ramp, Myrtle Point; Suspect(s): Summary: Deputy responds to Motor Vehicle Accident at Arago Boat Ramp. During the early morning of October 25th, 2023, around midnight, Coos County Dispatch received a 911 call from a woman in Myrtle Point who had just crashed her car at the Arago Boat Ramp. Deputy B. Freerksen immediately responded and was assisted by Myrtle Point Police. The woman stated that she had turned into the parking lot of the boat ramp too fast, and when she applied pressure to her brakes, she slid into the bathrooms. The woman ultimately suffered minor injuries and was taken home by a family member. Quote Provided: “The Coos County Sheriff’s Office would like to tell motorists that with the rain and snow seasons coming up, please slow down and drive at a reasonable speed with the weather changes.”

Stranded Motorist, Elliott State Forest
CCSO release – Date/Time: October 23rd, 2023, around 11:00 am; Case #: Classification: Stranded Motorist; Location: Elliot State Forest; Suspect(s): Summary: Coos County Captain provides much-needed assistance to stranded motorist. On October 23rd, 2023, around 11:00 am, Coos County Dispatch received a 911 call from a stranded motorist in the Elliott State Forest. The woman (who requested to remain anonymous) had been stranded on a gravel road for three (3) days with no food or water. A Coos County Sheriff’s Office Captain responded and found the woman, who had just lost her mother, scared, tired, and hungry. The woman had a flat tire and no gas in her car. The Captain changed her tire and then opted to go above the call of duty; He transported the woman in his patrol vehicle to the Wagon Wheel Grocery store and purchased gas and food for the hungry woman. Upon returning to the woman’s car it was discovered that the battery was dead and needed to be jumped. The Captain ensured the vehicle was ready to be driven and provided the woman with an escort off the mountain. On October 24th the woman contacted the Captain and informed him that she had made it home safely. Quote Provided: “The Coos County Sheriff’s Office is always there to lead the lost, feed the hungry, and aid those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Please plan ahead for the trip and be prepared for the unexpected.” – Coos County Captain.

Lost Mushroom Picker, Joe Ney Ln.
CCSO release – Date/Time: October 24th, 2023, around 4:45 pm; Case #: Classification: Lost Mushroom Picker; Location: Joe Ney Ln, Coos Bay; Suspect(s): Summary: A lost 50-year-old Coos County man located thanks to a combined effort. On October 24th, 2023, around 4:45 pm, Coos County Dispatch received a 911 call from a 50-year-old Coos County man, Geronimo Waldorf, stating that he had gone mushroom picking at the end of Joe Ney Ln, and after several hours he had gotten lost. Dispatch was able to provide Sergeant Boswell with the GPS coordinates from where the call was made. Sergeant Boswell immediately began driving logging roads to get as close as possible to the location. After taking several roads and getting as close as possible, Sergeant Boswell hiked around 200 yards from the road, down towards brush and trees, and was able to locate Mr. Waldorf. Other than being cold and wet, Mr. Waldorf was not in need of any medical assistance. Sergeant Boswell provided him with a safe ride back to his vehicle. Quote Provided: “The Coos County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the community always to plan and be prepared when going out into the wilderness. Make sure someone knows where you are going and ensure you have safety supplies and equipment in the event you become lost. Please remain as safe as possible when recreating in our great outdoors!”

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