CCSO Reports (2), Jan. 31

Domestic Violence, Centennial Road
CCSO release – Date/Time: January 29th, 2024, around 11:00 am; Case #: 202400002376; Classification: Domestic Violence; Location: Centennial Road, Coos Bay; Suspect(s): Trevar Reed (27). Summary: Coos County Man Arrested After Assaulting Pregnant Woman. On January 29th, 2024, around 11:00 am, Coos County Dispatch received a report that a woman was at Bay Area Hospital for injuries sustained during a domestic violence incident with Trevar Reed (27). Deputy B. Freerksen responded to the hospital to speak with the identified victim. Deputy Freerksen learned that the victim was pregnant and Mr. Reed had physically assaulted her and threatened her with a loaded rifle in his possession earlier in the morning. Mr. Reed is a convicted felon who is on Post-Prison Supervision (Parole) and is not permitted to have firearms or other weapons in his possession. Around 2:45 pm, Deputy Freerksen and Sergeant J. Boswell located Mr. Reed at a residence on Centennial Road in Coos Bay. Deputy Freerksen interviewed Mr. Reed and other witnesses before finishing his investigation. Deputy Freerksen contacted Mr. Reed’s Parole Officer to report the situation. The Parole Officer requested Mr. Reed’s arrest for a Parole Violation. Mr. Reed was arrested and transported to the Coos County Jail for the Parole Violation, Assault 4-Felony, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Menacing, and Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Mr. Reed was booked, processed, and remains in custody.

CCSO release – Date/Time: January 30th, 2024, around 10:11 am; Case #: 202400002448; Classification: Warrant Service; Location: Commercial Street, North Bend; Suspect(s): Travis Sapp Jr. (26); Summary: Wanted Coos County Man Arrested During Civil Service. On January 30th, 2024, around 10:11 am, Deputy B. Freerksen handled a civil matter at a residence on Commercial Street in North Bend. During this matter, one of the home’s occupants, Travis Sapp Jr. (26), was identified. With the assistance of Coos County Dispatchers, a records check was conducted, which revealed that Mr. Sapp had (2) outstanding warrants for his arrest in Coos County and an additional warrant out of Douglas County. Deputy Freerksen arrested Mr. Sapp for the outstanding warrants and transported him to the Coos County Jail, where he was booked and processed. Mr. Sapp remains in custody.

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