CCSO Reports (2), Dec. 4

Recovered Stolen Dirt Bikes
CCSO release – Date/Time: December 1st, 2023; Classification: Recovered Stolen Property; Location: Millington Frontage and Highway 101; Summary: Stolen Dirt Bikes Recovered. On December 1st, 2023, Deputy J. Lee responded to the area of Millington Frontage off Highway 101. A report was made to Coos County Dispatch that two dirt bikes were found in a ditch. Deputy Lee noted that fresh green brush was lying over the dirt bikes to conceal them. The dirt bikes had not yet been reported stolen, but through his investigation, Deputy Lee could identify the rightful owner. The dirt bikes were safely recovered through a team effort with Deputies J. Gray, Deputy M.R. Smith, and Mast Brothers Towing.

CCSO Search and Rescue
Date/Time: December 3rd, 2023, around 12:45 pm; Classification: Search and Rescue; Location: Coos County; Summary: Coos County Search and Rescue (SAR) conducted a successful search for a 40-year-old resident of Coos County. On 12-02-2023, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office received a report about a possible lost mushroom hunter. Chalmers had gone mushroom hunting around 3:30 PM but got separated from his companion after dark. Unable to reach Chalmers, the companion reported the situation to the Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Burgo arrived at the scene, conducted an initial search in the immediate area, and then contacted Deputy Gray, the Coos County Search and Rescue Coordinator, due to poor weather conditions and limited visibility. Considering the weather and time frame, the Coos County Search and Rescue Team was activated on 12-03-2023. Around 12:45 PM, Coos County Search team members Mary Deane and Tony Deane, supervising K-9 Jäger, established verbal contact with Chalmers. Other team members joined them and confirmed Chalmers’ location. Chalmers declined medical assistance, and Deputies Baker and Kent removed a log blocking the road access to transport Chalmers out safely. The Coos County Sheriff’s Office emphasizes planning and preparing for recreational activities. They thank the dedicated Coos County Search and Rescue Team, who volunteered their time and efforts in challenging weather conditions to locate and aid Chalmers. The SAR team displayed exceptional commitment to serving the Coos County community by covering steep, thick terrain in heavy rain and wind.

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