CCSO on Pursuits, Oct. 20

CCSO release – Date / Time: October 19, 2023; Recent questions about Police Pursuits. Due to recent events in Coos County, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office has been fielding several questions about vehicle pursuits. Similar to the following; Why pursue a vehicle? When should you terminate a pursuit? Why aren’t roads blocked off? Why doesn’t law enforcement use the Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver? Etc. The answer to these and other questions can vary greatly depending on the reason for the pursuit, weather, traffic flow, risk to the public, risk to the offender, and risk to the officers involved. A police pursuit is usually initiated to take the driver of a vehicle into custody for crimes previously committed, outstanding warrants, or crimes committed in the officer’s presence. The Officer initiating the pursuit is tasked with several essential duties during the pursuit and is constantly evaluating traffic flow, populated areas vs un-populated areas, and risk of continuing the pursuit vs. apprehension of the suspect. Many times, you will hear of police pursuits that are terminated. That is likely due to one or all of the factors mentioned above. Your local law enforcement has been thoroughly trained in pursuit tactics and intervention to bring a vehicle chase to a safe resolution. All certified law enforcement Officers have attended the Emergency Vehicles Operations Course (EVOC). In addition, most Officers have been trained in the use of “Stop sticks” and how to deploy them. Almost every law enforcement vehicle on the road in Coos County carries “Stop sticks” to assist in bringing any police pursuit to a safe resolution. The Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver is not generally used by local law enforcement as vehicle-to-vehicle contact significantly increases the risk to the public, the offender, and law enforcement. That is not to say it has not been used or won’t be used in the future. However, the (PIT) maneuver is not the preferred way to safely bring a pursuit to a safe resolution. Blocking a roadway with a barricade (Car, boulder, truck, or other immovable item) is not a method used by local law enforcement. The reason for this is to barricade or block a roadway; the risk of serious physical injury or death to the public, suspect, or innocent individuals in the suspect vehicle is exponentially increased, if not imminent. As you may know, your local law enforcement works together during police pursuits and uses all resources at their disposal to bring police pursuits to a fast and safe resolution. It is ALL of our desire to keep the public safe while bringing a safe end to these dangerous situations and holding the offender accountable for their actions. We hope that helps with some of your concerns.

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