CCSO Awards, March 15

CCSO release – Deputies J. Gray and H. Francis received a Distinguish Action Award from the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association for their actions during an arrest and vehicle pursuit in early August 2023. March 14th, 2024, Coos County Sheriff Gabe Fabrizio presented Deputies Justin Gray and Hannah Francis with the Distinguish Action Award from the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association. On August 12th, 2023, Deputies Gray and Francis were attempting to apprehend a woman after she damaged several businesses, costing several thousand dollars, and led deputies on a vehicle chase. During the incident, both Deputies physically placed themselves in the suspect’s direct path to keep bystanders and others in our community safe. The likelihood of serious physical injury or death both deputies faced because they decided to put the safety of citizens above their own was highly likely. Thankfully, due to Deputy Gray and Francis’s actions, the suspect was taken into custody with no injuries to herself, innocent civilians, or law enforcement.

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