CBPL Events (2), June 20

ASL Practice Place
CBPL release – Coos Bay Public Library has partnered with instructor, Kandy Bergquist, to offer ASL PRACTICE PLACE via Zoom (virtual meeting software). Bergquist teaches American Sign Language and Signed English at Southwestern Oregon Community College. She has worked with the deaf and hard of hearing as an interpreter, classroom aid, and Speech Pathologist. We meet every third Thursday of the month @ 12:00pm. Next event: Thursday, June 20. Program is for those who wish to practice their ASL conversational skills and help other learners in a friendly setting. Attendees will have the opportunity to sign in ASL as a group for one hour in a casual, informal environment. This is NOT a class, but we will provide ideas for conversational topics. Beginners are welcome. Let’s sign! This program is FREE and open to anyone who wishes to sharpen their ASL conversational skills. Register for this event @

Unlimited Book Club
CBPL release – Thursday, June 20 at 6:00 pm, the Unlimited Book Club will meet on Zoom. Unlimited is a joint venture of the Coos Bay Public Library and the North Bend Public Library. We formed to encourage awareness and foster community discussions on equity, diversity, and inclusion through reading and thoughtful conversation. Unlimited meets every third Thursday of the month. This meeting will be an opportunity for members to meet and discuss our next title, selected by book club members, The Battle for Paradise: Puerto Rico Takes on the Disaster Capitalists by Naomi Klein. Suggestions for future readings will come from members of Unlimited. Those interested are invited to attend the meeting, there is no obligation to stay. To receive Zoom link for meeting, register for free @

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