CBPD’s Patrol Platoon 3, April 29

City of Coos Bay newsletter – The Coos Bay Police Department (CBPD) is introducing Patrol Platoon 3, which constitutes 25% of the total patrol officer staff. This shift is comprised of a sergeant and three officers. Platoon 3 responds to all police calls for service within the City of Coos Bay during their tour of duty. They also engage in numerous proactive policing activities such as patrol checks, traffic stops, and citizen contacts. The shift has the following people assigned: Sergeant Dan Henthorn, who has been with the department since 2016. Before joining CBPD, Sgt. Henthorn worked at the Coquille Police Department and the Coos County Sheriff’s Office. Officer Moeller: Started as a reserve police officer with CBPD in 2013 and was hired full time in 2016. He is a certified motorcycle officer. Officer Nolan Scoville: Joined as a reserve police officer in 2021 and was later hired full time the same year. Officer Joseph Sparks: Hired in 2022, previously worked as a correction deputy at the Coos County Sheriff’s Office. The CBPD values its officers, including those with local roots and those from outside the area, who provide different perspectives. Officer Moeller, Officer Scoville, and Officer Sparks all grew up in the area, graduating from local high schools. Sergeant Henthorn moved into the local area many years ago and has chosen to make this area his home. This blend of local knowledge and outside perspective fosters a positive police/citizen relationship.

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