CB Police 2023, Feb. 13

CBPD report – Excerpts of a report given to the Coos Bay City Council from Police Chief Chris Chapanar. “As you can imagine, calls for service are up, with over 90,000 calls received by dispatchers in the North Coos 911 Dispatch Center and nearly 36,000 calls for police service. With 24 sworn officers, 16 of which are assigned to patrol, that makes for busy shifts. The Dispatch Center is operated by a team of 14, who provide emergency dispatch service for not only Coos Bay but North Bend Police and Fire, Coquille Ambulance, Police and Fire, Coquille Indian Tribal Police Department and Confederated Tribes Police Department. Calls for service are up 5% from 2022 (and up 17% from 2020), stretching the capacity of the Department.”

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